"Russell Stern is one of the most refreshingly, brilliant pianists I have heard in a long, long time,
but it is his movingly beautiful and original piano compositions that single him out as truly special."
The Amazing Kreskin

Russell Stern is an acclaimed concert pianist, composer and music director.
Russell's original compositions utilize his experience in many styles of music to express the inspiration of his heart.
His recordings take the listener on a journey through life's dreams, love, celebrations, challenges, serenity and adventure.

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Russell's first completely solo piano album showcases his love for the art of improvisation combined with several new compositions.

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Emergence   In Your Embrace   Mountain Stream

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Falling in Love  ~   Dream Maker  ~   Veronica's Processional  ~   So Remembering Him  ~   Celebration Fantasy
Dancing River  ~   I Am My Beloved's  ~   Yearning  ~   Awakening  ~   Beginning Again  ~   Precious
Ascending  ~   Soaring  ~   I Shall Die of Love  ~   Home

Listen to samples from Awakening

Veronica's Processional   Yearning   I Shall Die of Love

This recording of Russell's compositions consists of several solo piano pieces as well as instrumental selections that include the outstanding talents of Anthony Kawalkowski and Mark Agnor on violin, Elizabeth Anderson on cello, Laura Hamm on flute, and Jim Massoth on soprano and alto saxophone. There is one vocal composition on the album and Russell is delighted that it was sung by his wife, Susan Stern. The lyrics came from a collection of poems called the God poems, written by Elaine Paul.

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Secrets of the Night


Secrets of the Night  ~   Reunion  ~   Concerto Fantasy  ~   Heartsong  ~   The Call of Spirit
Nocturne  ~   Becoming  ~   Forever My Beloved  ~   Veronica's Lullaby  ~   Winter Winds  ~   The Dawn of Freedom

Listen to samples from Secrets of the Night

Secrets of the Night   Forever My Beloved

This album of Russell Stern's compositions consists of several solo piano pieces as well as many selections for piano, flute and violin. The world class talents of flutist Bettine Clemen and violinist Conni Ellisor combine with Russell's to perform music that is full of fire, passion and sensitivity.

"Russell's music aspires to nothing short of heaven, its rhapsodic waves of sound splash and play up and down the perfect white expanse of keys in great sighs and storms of emotion. It is major league from top to bottom."
Evan Pritchard for Resonance Magazine

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